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Artists & Activists for Animal Rights' Sanctuary Art Gallery Presents "Sisters Stay Together" by Isabella La Rocca González


[Austin, Texas, United States - April 15, 2024] - Artists & Activists for Animal Rights proudly unveils the latest addition to its esteemed online Animal Sanctuary Art gallery: "Sisters Stay Together," a poignant photographic piece by the award-winning artist, author, and activist, Isabella La Rocca González.

Animal Sanctuary Art
Sisters Stay Together

In the heart of the animal agricultural industry, families endure heart-wrenching separation. However, within the serene walls of animal sanctuaries, "Sisters Stay Together" captures the rare essence of peace and safety, where siblings find solace in each other's company.

Isabella La Rocca González is an award-winning artist, author, and fervent activist hailing from the United States. Her artistic journey is deeply rooted in the timeless tradition of unveiling beauty in the hidden, the unconscious, and the disregarded. Inspired by her ecofeminist ideals for total liberation, Isabella's work is a compelling fusion of her Indigenous Mexican heritage and European upbringing.

Driven by her commitment to animal advocacy, Isabella has generously contributed her talents to numerous organizations. Her pro bono still and motion picture photography have graced initiatives by esteemed entities such as Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, Berkeley Animal Shelter, Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, Farm Sanctuary Walk for Animals, and Goatlandia Animal Sanctuary.

"Sisters Stay Together" stands as a testament to Isabella's profound dedication to capturing the essence of sanctuary life. As audiences immerse themselves in her work, they are invited into a world where compassion and familial bonds flourish, transcending the confines of species.

About the Artist: Isabella La Rocca González continues to pave her path as an artistic force to be reckoned with. Alongside her upcoming book, "Censored Landscapes: The Hidden Reality of Farming Animals," slated for publication in late 2024, Isabella's commitment to advocacy remains unwavering. To learn more about Isabella and her work, visit and

Connect with Isabella La Rocca González:

About Artists & Activists for Animal Rights: Artists & Activists for Animal Rights is a collective of passionate creatives dedicated to shedding light on the stories of animals and advocating for their rights with a mission to end factory farming. Through art, photography, literature, and activism, the collective strives to inspire compassion, empathy, and positive change for all sentient beings. To learn more, visit

Media Contact: Sylvie AbateArtists & Activists for Animal Rights



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