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Welcome to the world of Artists and Activists for Animal Rights, a community of individuals who use their creativity, passion, and voices to advocate for the ethical treatment of animals. From painters and musicians, we share a common goal: to raise awareness about the plight of animals in factory farms and to promote a more compassionate world.



Sylvie Abate, the driving visionary behind Artists & Activists for Animal Rights, has combined her passions into a tapestry of transformation. A songwriter and musician, Sylvie underwent a profound awakening to the plight of animals confined within factory farm walls.


Acknowledging the significant role that art and music have played in historical social justice movements, Sylvie aspires to extend this influential tool of activism to the realm of animal rights. Her mission is to support artists, musicians, and songwriters dedicated to advocating for animals.  



At Artists & Activists for Animal Rights, we utilize art and music as catalysts for change, weaving them into a tapestry that envisions a world filled with compassion for every living being. With courage in our hearts and creativity as our guide, we boldly challenge societal norms and reshape perceptions of animals.

Through our endeavors, we paint a canvas of awareness, each stroke a testament to the interconnectedness of life. We create not only for the present, but for the future—a future where humanity, animals, and the Earth coexist harmoniously. 


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At Artists & Activists for Animal Rights, our online platform unfolds into distinct rooms, each dedicated to a facet of our mission:

  • Art Galleries: Explore our  galleries—Animal Rights Art, Animal Sanctuary Art, and Vegan & Healing Art—where creativity merges with compassion to depict diverse perspectives.

  • Music Room: Immerse yourself in our animal rights Spotify playlist, where melodies harmonize with advocacy, creating a call for change. Stay tuned for our upcoming record label and our first major record release in 2024. 

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