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Submit Your Art or Music!

For general inquiries and to submit your art or music, please use this contact form to reach out to Artists & Activists. We look forward to hearing from you!

Would you like to be included in a national press release? Pick YES or NO.

If you are an artist: please email a high resolution .jpg of your artwork for our website. Regarding the size of the images, visitors will be able to view the original size you submit when they click on the thumbnail. While 1200 by 800 pixels is the average size, each picture I receive is different. As a general rule of thumb, digital photos larger than 3000 pixels wide by 2000 pixels high are too large. 

If you are a musician, please send us your spotify link.  We will also require cover art and photos for the press release. 

Send your materials to sylvie

Thanks for submitting!

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