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In the US, factory farming accounts for nearly 99% of farmed animals. These facilities are responsible for the slaughter of 23 million land animals every day, which is equivalent to around 266 animals every second. Factory farming practices are inhumane, environmentally damaging, and pose risks to public health. However, there are alternatives. By reducing your meat consumption and choosing plant-based alternatives to dairy products, you can make a positive impact. Every time you opt for cruelty-free and delicious plant-based products, it's a success worth celebrating!


Forks Over Knives

Not sure where to begin?  Forks over Knives will guide you through the first steps towards improving your health with a plant-based diet.  Since 2011, Forks Over Knives has released four additional books, launched a mobile recipe app and maintains a website filled with the latest research, recipes, and tools to help people at every phase of their plant-based journeys



One of the most significant benefits of a plant-based diet is its positive impact on animals! Animal Equality is working to improve our food system by fostering a transformation toward sustainable, affordable, ethical, and delicious foods that help people and animals. Consider replacing meat, dairy, eggs, or other animal products with plant-based ones

Plant Based On A Budget.png

Plant Based On A Budget

100 vegan recipes for meal prep, one-pot and one-pan meals, make-ahead dishes, sheet pan suppers, and more



Veganuary has inspired and supported over 2.5 million people to try vegan since 2014 – with participants from almost every country in the world. We have worked with businesses to drive up vegan options in shops and restaurants, and have made veganism more visible and accessible through our work with national and international media.



The Humane League

Eat With Compassion:  Every plant-based meal is a vote for kindness, justice, a better world, and better health.


Veganism is an enormous topic encompassing nutrition, animal protection, food politics, and more. Explains how to get started. 


Vegan Rabbit

The Vegan Rabbit List of Meat Substitute Brands features vegan replacements for burgers, hot dogs, deli meats, jerky, and mor

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