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Artists & Activists for Animal Rights Gallery Announces the Addition of "Live on the Menu" by AEyeForTheAges

Austin, Texas - February 17, 2024 - Artists and Activists for Animal Rights proudly announces the addition of "Live on the Menu" by AEyeForTheAges to its roster of thought-provoking and socially conscious works. AEyeForTheAges, self-described as an intricate space-time healer, employs innovative techniques using DallE and midjourney to convey a message of vision and purpose.

"Live on the Menu" is a poignant exploration of the realities often obscured by the agriculture industry. AEyeForTheAges' work delves into the depths of human consciousness, urging viewers to look beyond the surface and confront the root causes of animal suffering.

"Animals feel pain, …. the way that they are able to express their pain through tears and emotional expressions similar to ours is simply a matter of evolution," reflects the artist behind AEyeForTheAges.

Factory farming, a system that prioritizes profit over animal welfare, subjects millions of animals to unimaginable suffering each year. Animals confined in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions endure physical and psychological torment, all for the sake of becoming menu items.

"Aeyefortheages is a project I developed to help people understand the truth, the emotional truth, the translated meaning and root of the issues we all face on a daily basis," continues the artist. "My mission is purely to help create an emotional connection that emulates the feeling that people would have being WITNESS to these things, to make it impossible for the bad stuff to be hiding under the rug!"

Through a blend of artistry and activism, AEyeForTheAges challenges the status quo, advocating for a more compassionate and empathetic world. By shedding light on the hidden realities of consumerism and animal exploitation, the artist inspires viewers to reevaluate their perspectives and take action.

To experience the transformative power of AEyeForTheAges' work, visit and follow @aeyefortheages on social media.

About Artists & Activists for Animal Rights: Artists and Activists for Animal Rights is a community of individuals who utilize their creativity, passion, and voices to advocate for the ethical treatment of animals. From painters to musicians, we share a common goal: to raise awareness about the plight of animals in factory farms and to promote a more compassionate world.

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