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Octopus Factory Farms

In a world grappling with the ethical treatment of animals, a looming threat has emerged that challenges our commitment to compassion and decency. Spanish multinational Nueva Pescanova plans to open the first-ever octopus mega-farm, a venture that, if realized, could lead to the mass suffering and slow, stressful deaths of one million highly intelligent and complex creatures. This proposed factory farm has raised significant concerns among scientists, animal rights advocates, and concerned citizens worldwide.

The Intelligence and Sentience of Octopuses:

Octopuses are remarkable creatures, known for their high level of intelligence, complex behaviors, and even distinct personalities. Scientists have observed these marine animals displaying mood swings, the ability to learn, and the capacity to remember lessons. Octopuses are not merely instinct-driven beings; they exhibit signs of play when bored, highlighting their cognitive sophistication.

The Inhumane Reality of Octopus Factory Farms:

The crux of the issue lies in the inhumane conditions that these intelligent beings would endure within factory farm settings. The proposal by Nueva Pescanova involves confining one million octopuses in crowded tanks, subjecting them to slow, stressful deaths in ice-cold water. Scientists and animal welfare experts warn that captivity leads to significant suffering for these brilliant creatures, with reports of captive octopuses attempting to escape or resorting to self-harm, such as consuming their own arms in distress.

The Global Outcry and the Power of Collective Action:

Upon exposure of Nueva Pescanova's plans, a global outcry ensued. A viral petition garnered widespread attention, demonstrating the collective power of concerned individuals. However, the urgency remains, as the absence of EU laws currently allows for the establishment of such torture farms. The Ekō team, along with supporters, is gearing up for an ambitious plan to halt this impending disaster.

The Call to Action:

The Ekō team is mobilizing resources to conduct groundbreaking investigative research, exposing any governmental involvement or support for Nueva Pescanova's cruel initiatives. The strategy involves a comprehensive lobbying effort targeting the governments of the Canary Islands, the Spanish government, and the European Commission to reject the octopus factory farm and institute a ban on future farms. TAKE ACTION

The role of individuals in this movement is crucial. Donations, no matter how small, will contribute to the financing of investigative efforts, grassroots lobbying campaigns, and a massive ad campaign urging decision-makers to prioritize ethical considerations over corporate profits.


The pending octopus factory farm poses a grave threat to the welfare of highly intelligent and sentient beings. It is a call to action for humanity to stand against the expansion of inhumane practices, to protect the well-being of creatures that share our planet. Together, through collective action and the power of informed advocacy, we can ensure that compassion prevails over corporate interests and that octopuses are spared from unnecessary suffering.



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