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Vegan Activist and Musician William Robertson Featured on 'Artists and Activists for Animal Rights' Spotify Playlist

Austin, TX - March 30, 2024 - Vegan activist and musician, William Robertson, from London, UK, has been added to the impactful "Artists and Activists for Animal Rights" Spotify Playlist, solidifying his position as a leading voice in advocating for ethical living and animal liberation through his music.

Robertson's impactful songs, including 'One Day Chicks' and 'No Pandemic in a Vegan World', have garnered widespread acclaim for their poignant portrayal of animal exploitation and advocacy for veganism. 'One Day Chicks' sheds light on the plight of male chicks in the egg industry, while 'No Pandemic in a Vegan World' addresses the link between zoonotic diseases and animal agriculture, advocating for a plant-based lifestyle as a solution.

"We are thrilled to feature William Robertson's powerful music on our playlist," said the curator of "Artists and Activists for Animal Rights". "His unwavering commitment to raising awareness about animal rights and promoting ethical choices aligns perfectly with the mission of our playlist."

Both tracks are taken from Robertson's second album, 'Catastrophe Machine', which tackles themes of animal exploitation and societal issues. Through his music, Robertson aims to inspire positive change and encourage listeners to reevaluate their relationship with animals and the environment. Music Video for One Day Chicks

About Artists & Activists for Animal Rights: Artists & Activists for Animal Rights is a community where individuals harness their creative talents to champion the ethical treatment of animals. Whether through painting, music, or other mediums, AAAR collectively aims to shine a spotlight on the injustices endured by animals in factory farms. With a unified mission to ignite awareness and compassion, AAAR strives towards a world where every living being is treated with dignity and empathy. The playlist also boasts artists including Paul McCartney, Moby, and Pete Seeger as well as independent, animal rights artists from around the world.

Listeners can stream William Robertson's featured tracks on the "Artists & Activists for Animal Rights" Spotify Playlist, along with other influential artists advocating for animal welfare and ethical living.

For more information about William Robertson and his music: Listen on Spotify Follow on Instagram Play on SoundCloud



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