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Urge Congress to Protect Farm Animals in 2023 Farm Bill

2023 Farm BillASPCA Position: Support Pro-Animal Provisions Congress is preparing to work on the 2023 Farm Bill, and we need your help to make sure they use this opportunity to improve the lives of farm animals!

Renewed every five years, the Farm Bill identifies national agricultural priorities and reaffirms the responsibilities of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The Farm Bill dictates how our food and farm systems operate and how funding is allocated. Over time, the lobbying power of industrial agriculture has manipulated Farm Bill spending to benefit its own bottom line instead of supporting critical efforts to build a more humane food system for farm animals.

It’s time for Congress to loosen industrial agriculture’s grip on this bill. Congress must pass a Farm Bill that reforms our farming system and reflects Americans’ concern and compassion for the billions of animals raised for food each year. Congress also has the power to fold other bills—including the Farm System Reform Act and the Industrial Agriculture Accountability Act—into the Farm Bill. This is a huge opportunity to build a better world for farm animals and rein in industrial farming’s negative impacts on the environment, workers, farmers, rural communities and your family’s health. What You Can Do



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