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University of Cambridge: Bans Meat by Popular Vote

72% of the students of the prestigious university vote for the ban on animal derivatives from cafeterias and catering

Cambridge has voted to say goodbye to meat and animal derivatives. They are the first university in the world to go completely vegan!

The decision comes from a popular vote that was established not by the school leaders, but by the Cambridge Student Union, a student representative body, whose response, approved by 72% of students, will now be submitted to the management bodies who will be able to give the go-ahead or put the veto.

The students of the prestigious British university want to ban any product of animal origin, in favor of "100% sustainable vegetable" foods. At the root of this choice, there are the radical environmentalists of Animal Rebellion, born from a rib of the Extinction Rebellion group.

At the University of Cambridge, the push to impose a vegan food style for everyone goes way back. Already in 2016, the catering service hired by the university had had to give in to pressure from animal rights activists and remove beef and lamb from any university menu.

In 2020, also in the other "famous" British university, Oxford, beef and sheep meat had been eliminated with the vote of the majority of students: in fact, however, in some canteens and cafes of this university, beef and 'lamb is still served.

A spokesman for the university said that the institution "always welcomes suggestions from students and staff", also recalling that the university pursues "a sustainable food policy that also seeks to actively promote plant-based options, remove unsustainable seafood from the menu and reduce food waste".



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