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Stacey Landfield's "Elohims' Error" Featured in Artists & Activists for Animal Rights Galley

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Austin, Texas, USA – [November 5, 2023] – Artists & Activists for Animal Rights announces Stacey Landfield's "Elohims' Error" in their online Animal Rights Gallery. "Elohims' Error" is a captivating acrylic painting on board that serves as a powerful reflection of Stacey Landfield's commitment to the ethical treatment of animals. Elohim is a Hebrew word that denotes “God” or “god.” Perhaps human animals were given too much power over animals as they have greatly abused their "dominion." Stacey's art is a testament to her love for the natural world and her dedication to raising awareness about the plight of animals in factory farms.

"Elohims' Error" is just one of many thought-provoking pieces in Stacey Landfield's portfolio. Her unique artistic perspective and deep connection to the natural world shine through her work, making her a perfect fit for Artists & Activists for Animal Rights. About Stacey Landfield Stacey Landfield, a native Californian, grew up in the picturesque rural landscapes of California. Her childhood was filled with outdoor adventures, where she spent her days swimming, riding her bike, and playing with animals. Her artistic journey was nurtured and encouraged by her mother, Marjorie, a fashion designer who allowed Stacey to express her creativity by painting murals of the jungle and the Peanuts gang on the walls of their home. Stacey Landfield fondly remembers her mother's support and now continues her artistic pursuits in the hills above Palm Springs, California, with her husband. Her love for nature is evident in her large garden, and when indoors, she can most likely be found painting. To view Stacey Landfield's artwork and learn more about her creative journey, please visit her official website at You can also connect with her on social media:

  • Facebook: stacey_landfield

  • Instagram: stacey_landfield_artist

About Artists & Activists for Animal Rights Artists & Activists for Animal Rights is a vibrant community of creative individuals who share a common goal – to raise awareness about the ethical treatment of animals. From painters and musicians to poets and filmmakers, this community is united by their passion for advocating for a more compassionate world for animals. The online Animal Rights Gallery is a platform dedicated to showcasing powerful artworks like "Elohims' Error" that inspire change and compassion. Please visit for more inspiration.



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