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Renowned Artist Ruth Killorgan's Powerful Piece "Time for Change"


[Austin, Texas] — Artists & Activists for Animal Rights is proud to announce the addition Ruth Killorgan's evocative artwork "Time for Change" to its esteemed online gallery. The medium of watercolour, ink, and graphite combines seamlessly to convey a poignant message that time is of the essence in choosing a path towards life or death, with the imperative to care for the planet and all sentient beings.

Ruth Killorgan, a highly respected artist, draws inspiration from profound human emotions. Her passion for the interconnectedness of all living beings is evident in every stroke of her brush and every line of her graphite. With an unconventional approach, she allows her subconscious to guide her artistic expressions, constantly experimenting and learning with each medium she employs.

About the Artwork: "Time for Change" encapsulates a powerful narrative. The clock depicted in the artwork serves as a poignant metaphor, reminding viewers that the choices we make impact the delicate balance between life and death. The message is clear: the time to choose life, to care for the planet and its inhabitants, is now.

About Ruth Killorgan: Ruth Killorgan's work stems from a deep well of love and compassion. Her creations seek to provoke thought, posing essential questions about our coexistence on this planet. She challenges observers to contemplate living in harmony, treating each other, the environment, and other species with respect. Through her art, she encourages individuals to reflect on personal choices that can make a meaningful difference.

"I am inspired to create from strong human emotions. We are all connected on some level, and we need each other not just to survive but to thrive," says Ruth Killorgan. "Being compassionate is a universal principle. Someone who is kind is kind to all things."

About Artists & Activists for Animal Rights: Artists & Activists for Animal Rights is a platform that champions the convergence of art and activism to raise awareness about animal rights. The online gallery showcases the work of passionate artists who use their talents to illuminate the urgent need for compassion and responsible choices in our interactions with the world.

For media inquiries, please contact: Sylvie Abate, Founder



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