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Renowned Artist Ruth Killoran's "You Are What You Eat" Provokes Deep Reflection

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [Austin, Texas] — Prominent Artist Ruth Killoran's "You Are What You Eat" Joins the Artists & Activists for Animal Rights Online Gallery, Prompting Profound Reflection on Food Choices "You Are What You Eat" presents a captivating tableau featuring two human animals sitting at a table, engaged in the act of eating. The dichotomy in their choices is starkly portrayed—while one consumes a plate of healthy, veg food, the other indulges in the consumption of animals. Within their bodies, the consequences of their choices become apparent: one body radiates greenery and tranquility, symbolizing life, while the other is filled with the imagery of death and decay. The stark contrast continues in the background behind each human. On one side, a vibrant scene unfolds, complete with a welcoming sign that reads "Welcome, Pick Your Own," set against a backdrop of rolling green hills, bountiful gardens and orchards, pristine blue streams, a rainbow and abundant sunshine. On the opposing side, darkness and foreboding dominate the landscape, with a barbed fence, factory farms, sewage lagoons, and suffocating smog. Even the bees are depicted fleeing this desolate environment. The sign warns, "Keep Out." The artwork, through these two contrasting scenarios, encourages viewers to choose the background of their choices and consider the profound impact of their dietary decisions on animals and the world.

Ruth Killoran, the talented artist behind "You Are What You Eat," hails from Christchurch, New Zealand. She is a full-time painter and sculptor whose work has garnered recognition and awards both locally and internationally. Ruth's creative journey began in Liverpool, UK, where she attended Liverpool Art College for two years before earning a BA (Hons) in 3D design at Teesside University. After a successful career as a commercial interior designer in the UK, she relocated to New Zealand in 2006 and discovered her passion for sculpting stone, which opened new avenues for her artistic expression. Ruth's art is driven by her emotions, a powerful force that guides her work whether she is painting or sculpting. She often lets her subconscious take over, allowing her creativity to flow freely. Her art aims to communicate the turmoil she feels when witnessing the choices humanity makes and the impact on the world, inspiring viewers to reflect on harmony, respect for the environment, and the treatment of other species.

"I am trying to visually communicate the turmoil I feel when I witness how we behave and the choices we make," Ruth explains. "Why can’t we live in harmony? Why can’t we treat each other, the environment, and other species with respect? What can I personally change right now that will make a difference?"

Ruth Killoran's work, "You Are What You Eat," serves as a poignant reminder of the power of art to inspire change and provoke meaningful conversations. Her unique artistic process, driven by her emotions and a commitment to experimentation, continues to captivate audiences around the world. To view "You Are What You Eat" and explore more of Ruth Killoran's captivating creations, visit her website at and connect with her on social media at and For more information about the Artists & Activists for Animal Rights Online Gallery and their mission to advocate for the ethical treatment of animals, please visit Media Contact:

Sylvie Abate



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