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Philip McCulloch-Downs: 'One in a Million' and 'Life Sentence - The Invisible Faces of Dairy'

(Austin, Texas) Artists & Activists for Animal Rights is proud to present two powerful paintings by vegan artist Philip McCulloch-Downs: "One in a Million" and "Life Sentence - The Invisible Faces of Dairy." These thought-provoking artworks shed light on the injustices faced by animals and serve as a call to action for animal rights. Philip McCulloch-Downs, based in Somerset, UK, has dedicated his adult life to refining his creative skills and expressing the varied experiences of everyday life through his art, video-making, novels, and poetry. His work is an ongoing personal journey, capturing the essence of his life experiences in a visual diary.

Since 2014, Philip's artwork has delved into the realms of veganism and animal rights. His series of uncompromising paintings, known as "Moving Pictures," aim to bear witness to their suffering with accuracy, empathy, and compassion. Additionally, he creates vibrant and intricate pieces in ink and acrylic paint that celebrate the beauty and majesty of free-living wildlife. As one of the founding members of the worldwide collective "The Art of Compassion Project," Philip has showcased his art prints at various Vegfests and vegan events worldwide, including the prestigious International Animal Rights Conference in Luxembourg. In 2020, he collaborated with fellow AOCP artist Helen Barker to establish the online gallery "Agitate Art" on Youtube, serving as a platform for all forms of "Protest Art." About Artists & Activists for Animal Rights: AAAR is a dedicated organization that strives to create awareness and effect change through art, music, poetry, and film. Committed to advocating for the rights and welfare of animals, the organization brings together artists from various disciplines who use their talent and creativity to shed light on the issues faced by animals and inspire action.

Through exhibitions, collaborations, and community outreach programs, Artists & Activists for Animal Rights aims to create a platform where artists can amplify their voices and contribute to the global movement for animal rights. By harnessing the power of art, the organization endeavors to foster compassion, empathy, and understanding towards animals and promote a more ethical and sustainable world.



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