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Michelle Waters Unveils Thought-Provoking Acrylic on Canvas Artwork "Luddites" at Artists & Activist

AUSTIN, TEXAS — August 25, 2023 — Renowned artist Michelle Waters brings her impactful work to the forefront once again, as she unveils her latest creation "Luddites," a stunning acrylic on canvas masterpiece, at the Artists & Activists for Animal Rights online gallery. This thought-provoking painting is a powerful visual commentary on the profound impact of technology on animals and the environment, reflecting Waters' deep commitment to advocating for animal welfare and raising awareness about the pressing issues of our time. In "Luddites," Waters skillfully captures the alarming toll of technological advancements on our planet. The painting portrays a stark scene wherein the Earth is ablaze, ravaged by destructive fires, while displaced animals valiantly attempt to douse the flames with water. This poignant imagery serves as a stark reminder of the environmental devastation caused by human actions and the urgent need to address these challenges before it's too late.

Michelle Waters, born and raised in Los Angeles, California, has cultivated a lifelong passion for art and activism. Guided by her grandparents' legacy as social justice activists and artists, Waters channels her creativity to shed light on critical issues. She holds a B.A. in Studio Art from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and her work has earned acclaim through solo and group exhibitions across the United States and Europe. Notably, her dedication to animal rights has gained recognition and multiple awards. Presently represented by the prestigious Cactus Gallery in Los Angeles, Waters is also an esteemed member of international artist collectives including Hinge Artist Collective, Artists for Conservation, and the Art of Compassion Project. Residing in the serene embrace of the redwood forest in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Waters draws inspiration from the natural world and its inhabitants, coexisting harmoniously with deer, owls, coyotes, and other wildlife. "I believe in the power of art to ignite change and inspire empathy," says Waters, who takes a firm stance on using her art as a medium for activism. Her work bridges the gap between creativity and advocacy, reminding us of our responsibility to protect the planet and its inhabitants. "Artists & Activists for Animal Rights" is a dynamic community that fosters awareness and compassion through creative expression. Founded by Sylvie Abate, the organization unites artists, musicians, poets, and filmmakers dedicated to advocating for the ethical treatment of animals and fostering a more compassionate world. Michelle Waters' "Luddites" will be featured prominently at the Artists & Activists for Animal Rights online gallery, inviting viewers to contemplate the interplay between technology, the environment, and animal welfare. To experience Michelle Waters' transformative artwork and join the movement towards animal rights activism, visit the online gallery at For further information and interview requests, please contact: Website: Social Media: Instagram @michellewatersart, Facebook @michellesanimalart



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