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Love Me Now? Learn How Factory Farmed Animals Share Many Common Traits With Pets We Love

Many of us love the animals in our lives: dogs, cats, and other pets. But there are so many animals to love that you may haven't considered. And even if you didn't love a particular animal, you would never stand for their abuse.

The truth is that the animals who are eaten - cows, pigs chickens, etc. have characteristics like pets. Cows are gentle and they love their young, often crying for days or weeks when their calves are taken at birth; pigs are smarter than dogs and love belly rubs; chickens and turkeys purr when you pet them. There are many blog articles on this site that spell out the torture animals endure on factory farms. It's hard to believe that this type of abuse is legal. But it is part of our everyday lives, on our plates, and we can choose positive and loving alternatives.

Watch Dominion, a film about the animal agriculture industry Learn about Vegan options at Veganuary.



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