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Jo Frederiks' "Forketting the Right to Live" Displayed in Online Animal Rights Art Gallery

Austin, Texas - Artists & Activists for Animal Rights (AAAR), a leading online platform dedicated to animal welfare, is thrilled to announce the addition of acclaimed artist Jo Frederiks to their esteemed art gallery. Frederiks' captivating artwork titled "Forketting the Right to Live" shines a spotlight on the unjust treatment of animals in our society, particularly focusing on the plight of a piglet tragically displayed on the end of a fork. On factory farms, piglets are taken away from their mothers when they're less than a month old. In nature, they would stay with their mothers for several months. Piglets' tails are cut off, their teeth are often clipped in half, their ears are mutilated, and males' testicles may be cut off—all without any pain relief.

Jo Frederiks is an internationally recognized artist whose work passionately advocates for animal rights. With a deep-rooted commitment to creating awareness and inspiring change towards a vegan way of life, Frederiks utilizes her art as a powerful tool to expose the hidden suffering endured by animals who are enslaved, exploited, and needlessly used for food, clothing, entertainment, and research. Her artistic journey encompasses various mediums, with a particular affinity for graphite and oil paint. Frederiks' exquisite attention to detail captures the unique character of each individual being she portrays, evoking a sense of empathy and compassion in viewers.

Raised on a vast cattle station in central Queensland, Australia, Frederiks developed a profound connection with nonhuman animals from a young age. It was this upbringing that not only nurtured her bond with animals but also shed light on their profound vulnerability in the face of human actions.


About Artists & Activists for Animal Rights (AAAR)

Artists & Activists for Animal Rights (AAAR) is an innovative online platform that brings together artists, activists, and individuals passionate about animal welfare and vegan lifestyle advocacy. The platform serves as a hub for creative expression, uniting artists and activists to amplify voices, challenge perceptions, and inspire positive change. AAAR's online gallery showcases a diverse range of art forms, including visual art, poetry, film, and music, all aimed at highlighting the cruelty faced by animals in factory farming and stimulating empathy and understanding.

In addition to raising awareness through art, AAAR is committed to empowering individuals interested in transitioning to a compassionate vegan lifestyle. The platform provides a wealth of resources, offering practical tips, guidance, and information on the benefits of a vegan diet and daily practices.

"We are thrilled to welcome Jo Frederiks to our online art gallery," said Sylvie Abate, spokesperson for Artists & Activists for Animal Rights. "Her thought-provoking artwork captures the essence of our mission, shedding light on the suffering of animals and igniting a call to action for positive change. We believe that Jo's powerful piece will inspire viewers and encourage them to reflect on their choices and advocate for a more compassionate world."

The addition of Jo Frederiks' artwork to the AAAR online gallery is a testament to the platform's dedication to promoting the vital connection between art and animal advocacy. By featuring impactful works that challenge conventional narratives, AAAR strives to create a more compassionate and ethical world for animals.

To explore the Artists & Activists for Animal Rights online gallery and witness the profound impact of Jo Frederiks' artwork, please visit

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