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Animal Rights Investigation: Holden Farms Torture

Appalling Animal Cruelty at Holden Farms in Minnesota

Holden Farms
Holden Farms, Inc. in Utica Minnesota

TRIGGER WARNING Investigation video reveals torture of pigs in major pig breeding facility at Holden Farms in Utica, Minnesota. Footage reveals pigs kicked, hit, subjected to botched castration and gassing, fed intestines of dead piglets, and neglected.

A recently released undercover investigation at Holden Farms in Utica, Minnesota, which breeds pigs to supply pork to some of the largest pork companies in the U.S., shows routine torture, buse and neglect, including numerous instances of methods and practices inflicting suffering on countless animals. Holden Farms has violated multiple state laws and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for animal cruelty. Watch the video and decide if Holden Farms located in Utica, Minnesota should be held accountable for animal torture.

Video documentation includes:

  • Often-botched attempts to gas to death sick or injured piglets using carbon dioxide poisoning. Piglets are seen squirming and gasping for breath inside the gassing chamber box after the box had already been run.

  • Workers instructed to leave piglets suffering overnight instead of gassing them immediately.

  • Piglets subjected to castration via testicles being ripped out by hand without any pain relief. Piglets vocalize in distress from the castration while some of the workers tease one another by throwing the testicles at each other. This is done so often there is a wall covered with testicles stuck to it.

  • A practice known as “feedback” in which workers blend the intestines of dead piglets together with pig feces into a slurry and feed it to pregnant pigs. A worker is seen retching and nearly vomiting as she blends the intestines.

  • Dozens of incidents of hitting, kicking, slapping, punching, beating with a paddle, or roughly handling pigs.

  • Widespread neglect, including open sores and prolapses where internal organs hang from live pigs’ bodies.

  • Pigs injured or killed by cage systems, including one animal who was trapped between bars and died there due to neglect. Her body was then sawed in half and made the subject of jokes.

  • Many animals died - in one month alone, Animal Outlook’s investigator removed hundreds of dead piglets.

  • Pigs subjected to cruel, yet standard, industry practices including cutting off piglets’ tails without pain relief with clippers or pliers and confining pregnant and nursing pigs in metal crates so small they cannot turn around.

Lively and spirited, pigs are remarkably akin to the pet dogs that share our homes, surpassing them in intelligence. Astonishingly, despite their similarities, they are subjected to a life of confinement, agony, and ultimately, the dinner table.

Within the confines of this brutal system, pigs enter a world marred by misery from their very birth. Astonishingly, the acts of cruelty we have meticulously recorded at Holden Farms are not isolated incidents but rather emblematic of factory farms responsible for 99% of pork in the United States. The extent of these atrocities is so profound that they have become an intrinsic part of this establishment's modus operandi.

Despite the efforts of Animal Outlook, legal avenues for prosecuting animal cruelty at this specific location remain elusive. Nevertheless, the collective voice of the public is resounding in its solidarity with their cause—a resounding call to put an end to this large-scale and systematic brutality. By removing animals from your plate and encouraging others to do the same, you can help millions of animals. Visit Animal Outlook for the full investigation.



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