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Help Animals: Stop the EATS Act!

In the heart of Congress, a major showdown is unfolding as a radical faction of the pork industry pushes for a controversial piece of legislation called the Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression (EATS) Act to be included in the Farm Bill. But Americans aren't sitting idly by; we're taking a stand against this assault on animal welfare!

This act is designed to overturn Proposition 12, a popular California ballot initiative that sets local standards for certain egg, veal, and pork products, while also preventing states and local authorities from establishing their own agricultural product standards.

The EATS Act proponents are pushing to hitch it onto the Farm Bill, a massive legislative package that shapes federal agricultural policies every five years. As discussions surrounding the Farm Bill continue, our primary goal is to stop this reckless power grab and safeguard farm animal welfare protections established in numerous states.

The EATS Act aims to strip away state and local lawmaking authority, undermining animal cruelty and public health measures nationwide. This fundamentally contradicts the principles of federalism upon which our nation was founded, denying U.S. citizens the ability to bring about change at the state and local levels for goods sold within their own states.

The EATS Act directly targets state laws concerning the humane treatment of egg-laying hens, baby veal calves, and breeding pigs, while posing a threat to other animal welfare laws, including those addressing cruel puppy mills, the slaughter of horses, dogs, and cats for their meat, and wildlife trafficking. Moreover, it jeopardizes numerous state and local laws that cover food safety, environmental protection, labor standards, support for local agriculture, and various agricultural product regulations.

For over two centuries, American legislatures have passed laws to protect animals, reflecting our enduring concern for their welfare. We have a right, both individually and through our elected representatives, to work towards the goal of shielding all animals from cruelty, suffering, and neglect.

Unfortunately, well-funded special interests persistently oppose even the most basic animal welfare reforms, especially within the pork industry.

Help us combat this reckless and unjust proposal by urging your federal legislators to oppose the inclusion of the EATS Act. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of animals and protect our democratic values. Visit the Humane Society of the United States to oppose the EATS act.



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