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Emma Lord - "Windows to the Soul"

Austin, Texas - July 12, 2023 - Artists & Activists for Animal Rights (AAAR) is proud to announce the addition of three captivating photographs by Emma Lord to its Animal Sanctuary Art Gallery. The photographs, part of a collection titled "Windows to the Soul," will join the diverse range of artworks advocating for the ethical treatment of all sentient beings.

Emma Lord, an animal-loving vegan writer and photographer based in Swindon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom, brings her unique perspective to the Animal Sanctuary Art Gallery. Her work is a reflection of her deep passion for animal liberation and her commitment to raising awareness through art. With a focus on capturing the essence and emotions of animals, Emma's photographs create a profound connection between the viewer and the subjects.

The "Windows to the Soul" collection showcases Emma's talent for portraying the innate beauty and personality of the animals she photographs. Each image tells a story, inviting viewers to contemplate the unique experiences and emotions of each sentient being. Through her artistic lens, Emma highlights the importance of empathy and compassion towards our fellow beings.

"We are thrilled to feature Emma Lord's remarkable photographs in our Animal Sanctuary Art Gallery," said Sylvie Abate, Founder of Artists & Activists for Animal Rights. "Her work embodies the core values of our organization, encouraging a deep understanding and appreciation for animals. We believe that art has the power to ignite change and promote kindness, and Emma's photographs are a perfect representation of this."

The Artists & Activists for Animal Rights organization is committed to using art as a platform for raising awareness about animal rights and promoting compassionate choices. With three distinct online art galleries - Animal Rights Art, Animal Sanctuary Art, and Vegan Art - AAAR provides a space for artists like Emma Lord to contribute their unique perspectives and inspire positive change.

Emma Lord's photographs have garnered recognition and have been exhibited at various animal welfare exhibitions in Bristol, London, and Beijing. Her written work has been published in esteemed collections and anthologies alongside renowned authors, further demonstrating her commitment to making a difference through art and literature.

To view Emma Lord's "Windows to the Soul" collection and explore the other inspiring artworks, please visit the Artists & Activists for Animal Rights website at

For media inquiries, please contact:

Sylvie Abate Founder, Artists & Activists for Animal Rights Email: City: Austin State: Texas Country: USA

About Artists & Activists for Animal Rights: Artists & Activists for Animal Rights (AAAR) is a collective of creative individuals dedicated to advocating for the ethical treatment of all sentient beings. Through various artistic expressions, including art, photography, music, poetry, and film, AAAR raises awareness about the inhumane treatment of animals in factory farms and promotes alternatives to meat and dairy consumption. The organization, founded by Sylvie Abate, is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

About Emma Lord: Emma Lord is an animal-loving vegan writer and photographer based in Wiltshire, UK. Her work focuses on raising awareness of various causes, including animal welfare, mental health, dementia, and parenting. Emma's photographs and written pieces have been featured in exhibitions and publications, showcasing her dedication to advocating for a more compassionate world.


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