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Beth Lily Redwood: A Visionary Vegan Photographer for Animal Rights

Artists & Activists for Animal Rights is proud to announce the inclusion of Beth Lily Redwood in their esteemed lineup of talented artists dedicated to promoting animal rights and welfare. As a visionary photographer, graphic artist, writer, and vegan advocate, Beth Lily Redwood has captivated audiences worldwide with her compelling work that showcases the beauty, individuality, and sentience of nonhuman animals.

With a profound commitment to the vegan movement, Beth Lily Redwood has been an ardent vegan since 2005, wholeheartedly embracing a lifestyle that respects and protects all animal life. Through her art, she aims to inspire a deep appreciation for a vegan world, where every animal is treated with kindness and compassion.

Specializing in photographing rescued farmed animals residing in sanctuaries, Beth's digitally enhanced photographs evoke a profound connection between viewers and the subjects of her work. Her images not only highlight the unique personalities and sacred souls of these animals but also serve as a poignant reminder of the need to protect and cherish their lives.

Beth Lily Redwood's thought-provoking artwork includes an extensive collection of 53 titles, some of which are:

  1. May All Beings Live in Peace

  2. May Every Farmed Animal Know Kindness, Justice, Peace

  3. Different, but Equal

  4. Cows Milk is for Baby Cows

  5. Bird Lovers Don't Eat Birds

In addition to her volunteer work with local sanctuaries, Beth has contributed her skills in photography, graphic design, social media, and print materials. Her collaboration with Melanie Joy's Beyond Carnism organization as a graphic designer for four years further demonstrates her commitment to advancing the animal rights cause.

Beth Lily Redwood is also an esteemed artist member of The Art of Compassion Project, an international collective of vegan artists. Through this platform, she actively participates in group exhibitions, donating all proceeds to nonprofit organizations that tirelessly advocate for animal rights and promote veganism.

Recognized for her talent and dedication, Beth's photography and poetry have been prominently featured in various publications, including The Art of Compassion: Creative Activism for Animals, People, Poultry Press, Compassionate Action, Vegan Health and Fitness, Spot, Raise Vegan, Le Parisien, and the Unlikely Friendships calendar. Her work has been showcased in solo exhibitions at La Vida Veggie and notable galleries such as the Animal Museum, Anderson Chase Gallery, and Percolator Artspace.

Furthermore, Beth's advocacy and artistic contributions have been lauded by influential platforms in the animal rights community. She was interviewed by Vegan Life Magazine for the July 2022 issue, where her insightful perspectives were shared with a wide readership. Our Hen House also profiled her as an artist creating game-changing art for animals, recognizing her profound impact through her creative endeavors.

To delve deeper into Beth Lily Redwood's captivating portfolio and learn more about her mission, please visit her official website at Connect with her on Instagram @bethlilyredwood to stay updated on her latest creations and inspiring messages.

Artists & Activists for Animal Rights is an organization committed to creating awareness and effecting change through the power of art, music, poetry, and film. By providing a platform for talented artists like Beth Lily Redwood, the organization aims to amplify their voices and contribute to the global movement for animal rights. Through exhibitions, collaborations, and community outreach programs, Artists & Activists for Animal Rights fosters compassion, empathy, and understanding towards animals, ultimately striving for an ethical and sustainable world.

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