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Artists & Activists for Animal Rights Proudly Presents "Smarter Than Your Dog" by Michelle Waters

Austin, Texas - August 24, 2023 - Artists & Activists for Animal Rights is thrilled to announce the inclusion of a remarkable artwork titled "Smarter Than Your Dog" by the accomplished artist Michelle Waters. This captivating creation, rendered in acrylic on a cradled wood panel, serves as a powerful testament to the profound connection between art, activism, and the welfare of animals. "Smarter Than Your Dog" speaks of the intelligence of pigs and prompts contemplation on society's divergent treatment of animals. In acrylic on cradled wood panel, the artwork beckons its audience into a reflective space where conventional distinctions between human-animal cognition meld, evoking a thought-provoking meditation on the stark contrast in our treatment of animals—cherishing and honoring some while subjecting others to maltreatment and consumption.

Animal Rights Art
Smarter Than Your Dog

Michelle Waters, a native of Los Angeles, California, brings a rich artistic lineage to her work. Raised in a family of social justice activists and artists, Waters' creative journey has been influenced by her upbringing. Holding a B.A. in Studio Art from the University of California, Santa Cruz, her talent and dedication have led to numerous accolades, press coverage, and exhibitions across the United States and Europe. Represented by the prestigious Cactus Gallery in Los Angeles, Michelle Waters is also an esteemed member of three international artist collectives: Hinge Artist Collective, Artists for Conservation, and the Art of Compassion Project. Her passion for animals and their welfare is palpable in her work, and her deep connection to animals is evident in every brushstroke. Residing in the serene embrace of the Santa Cruz Mountains in Northern California, Waters finds inspiration in the vibrant ecosystem that surrounds her. Her proximity to a diverse array of wildlife, from deer and owls to foxes and mountain lions, fuels her commitment to the cause of animal rights. Through her art, Waters aims to ignite conversations about our responsibilities towards the creatures that share our planet. For a glimpse into Michelle Waters' captivating portfolio and her commitment to animal advocacy, visit her website at You can also follow her journey on Instagram @michellewatersart and Facebook @michellesanimalart. Sylvie Abate, the visionary founder of Artists & Activists for Animal Rights, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "Michelle Waters' 'Smarter Than Your Dog' exemplifies the heart and soul of our organization's mission. Through the lens of art, we aspire to create a more compassionate world for animals, and Michelle's work resonates deeply with that vision." For further inquiries, please contact: Sylvie Abate Founder,Artists & Activists for Animal Rights Email: About Artists & Activists for Animal Rights: Artists & Activists for Animal Rights is a dynamic platform that unites artists and advocates in the shared goal of promoting animal welfare through creative expression. By leveraging the power of art, the organization seeks to spark meaningful conversations, raise awareness, and drive positive change for animals across the globe.



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