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Artists & Activists for Animal Rights Presents Stacey Landfield's "The Fake Child"

(Austin, Texas) Artists & Activists for Animal Rights is pleased to announce the addition of Stacey Landfield and her powerful artwork, "The Fake Child," to their online Animal Rights Gallery. Landfield's thought-provoking piece, created with acrylic paint on board, delves into the heart of the animal rights movement, shedding light on the complexities and challenges animals face in our society.

Stacey Landfield, a talented artist hailing from Warner Springs, California, has devoted her life to advocating for animals. At the age of 14, Landfield made the compassionate decision to stop consuming animal products. Her journey continued at age 48 when she became a vegan after watching the eye-opening documentary, "Earthlings." Landfield's passion for animals extends beyond her artwork, as she also works as an equine massage therapist, dedicating her days to nurturing both the natural world and its inhabitants.

"The Fake Child" serves as a testament to Landfield's unwavering commitment to raising awareness for animal rights. The jarring painting shows a young girl with blood dripping off her ice-cream cone, sending a strong message that behind every dairy treat, there is pain and suffering. Through her vibrant acrylic brushstrokes, she captures the essence of the animal rights movement, challenging viewers to confront the ethical implications of their actions and embrace a more compassionate lifestyle.

Animal Rights Art
The Fake Child

"We are thrilled to welcome Stacey Landfield to our growing community of talented artists," said Sylvie Abates, Founder of Artists & Activists for Animal Rights. "Her dedication to animal advocacy and her ability to convey powerful messages through her art align perfectly with our organization's mission to promote awareness and change."

Artists & Activists for Animal Rights is an organization committed to harnessing the transformative power of art, music, poetry, and film to drive positive change in the realm of animal rights. By providing a platform for talented artists like Stacey Landfield, the organization aims to amplify their voices and contribute to the global movement for animal rights. Through exhibitions, collaborations, and community outreach programs, Artists & Activists for Animal Rights endeavors to cultivate compassion, empathy, and understanding towards animals, working towards a more ethical and sustainable world.

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Artist Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: For more information about Artists & Activists for Animal Rights or to schedule an interview with Sylvie Abate, Founder of the organization, please visit AAAR's website.



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