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AAAR Presents Isabella La Rocca González' - Night of the Supermoon Dairy Farm, 2014—550 Cows from the book Censored Landscapes: The Hidden Reality of Farming Animals

[Austin, Texas - April 22, 2024] - Artists & Activists for Animal Rights is pleased to announce the inclusion of Isabella La Rocca González' captivating artwork, "Night of the Supermoon Diary Farm," in their esteemed online Animal Rights Art Gallery.

La Rocca González's piece, created in 2014, serves as a poignant exploration of the hidden reality of farming animals, specifically focusing on a dairy farm illuminated by the ethereal glow of a supermoon. With a masterful use of photography, she brings attention to the often-overlooked landscapes of animal agriculture, shedding light on the lives of the 550 cows depicted within the frame.

From birth, cows are separated from their mothers, causing emotional distress for both cow and calf. Female cows are subjected to repeated artificial insemination to maintain lactation, often leading to physical pain and breakdown. Once they give birth, their calves are taken away shortly after, causing profound distress for both mother and offspring. In the dairy industry, cows are often confined to small, crowded spaces, deprived of the opportunity to engage in natural behaviors such as grazing and socializing. They may suffer from painful conditions like mastitis and lameness due to the intensive milking process and inadequate living conditions. Ultimately, when their milk production declines, they are sent to slaughter, facing a fate that starkly contrasts with the idyllic images often associated with dairy farming.

Part of a broader long-term project documenting landscapes intertwined with animal agriculture, "Night of the Supermoon Dairy Farm" is slated for publication in November 2024 as part of La Rocca González's upcoming book, Censored Landscapes: The Hidden Reality of Farming Animals.

Isabella La Rocca González, an award-winning artist, author, and activist based in Danville, KY, draws inspiration from her ecofeminist total liberation activism and her multicultural heritage. Her dedication to bringing awareness to animal rights issues is evident through her extensive pro bono work with various animal advocacy organizations, including Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, Berkeley Animal Shelter, and Farm Sanctuary Walk for Animals.

"Isabella's work exemplifies the power of art to provoke thought and inspire change," remarked Abate, Founder of Artists & Activists for Animal Rights. "We are honored to showcase her impactful contribution to the conversation surrounding animal rights in our online gallery."

To learn more about Isabella La Rocca González and her work, visit her website at and Follow her on social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

Artists & Activists for Animal Rights is dedicated to leveraging art and music as a catalyst for social change in the realm of animal rights. Through online galleries, exhibitions, and community outreach, the organization aims to raise awareness, foster dialogue, and inspire action in support of farmed animal liberation.


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