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Artists & Activists for Animal Rights Launches Investigative Photography Gallery

[Austin, Texas] — Artists & Activists for Animal Rights, a dynamic platform dedicated to advocating for the ethical treatment of animals through the power of art and creativity, is proud to announce the addition of an Investigative Photography section to their online art gallery. This new section aims to shed light on the often unseen and deeply poignant realities animals face in various industries, further reinforcing the organization's commitment to raising awareness and promoting compassion. One of the featured artists in this groundbreaking section is Jo-Anne McArthur, a distinguished photojournalist, sought-after speaker, and the founder of We Animals Media. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Jo-Anne McArthur's extensive body of work spans over sixty countries, documenting humanity's complex relationship with animals. Her powerful images have been recognized and celebrated by prestigious awards such as Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Nature Photographer of the Year, and Picture of the Year International. Jo-Anne McArthur is also the author of three influential books: "We Animals" (2014), "Captive" (2017), and "HIDDEN: Animals in the Anthropocene" (2020), which delve into the heartrending stories of animals worldwide. Her dedication to portraying the stark realities faced by animals has earned her accolades and a prominent place in the global art and animal rights communities. One of the impactful photographs featured in the Investigative Photography section captures the stark truth of animal treatment. The image depicts sick piglets subjected to a cruel practice known as "Thumping," where the animals are mercilessly slammed against concrete by their hind legs. This heart-wrenching scene highlights the urgency and importance of advocating for more compassionate treatment of animals.

Pig on Factory Farm Left to Die
Animal Rights

Artists & Activists for Animal Rights is an inclusive community of creative individuals spanning a multitude of artistic disciplines, all united by a shared mission: to amplify the voices of animals through their art and activism. From visual artists and musicians to poets and filmmakers, this platform empowers artists to be a driving force for change and compassion. "We are thrilled to introduce the Investigative Photography section to our online art gallery," said Sylvie Abate, Founder and President of Artists & Activists for Animal Rights. "Through the lens of talented artists like Jo-Anne McArthur, we aim to expose the hidden realities animals face and inspire meaningful conversations around ethical treatment and the urgent need for change." The addition of the Investigative Photography section reaffirms Artists & Activists for Animal Rights' unwavering commitment to using art as a powerful tool for social change. By providing a platform for artists to share their unique perspectives and raise awareness, the organization continues to drive positive transformation and advocate for a more compassionate world for animals. About Jo-Anne McArthur: Jo-Anne McArthur is an award-winning photojournalist, acclaimed author, and the founder of We Animals Media. Her profound photographs have received international recognition, shedding light on the often-unseen world of animals and advocating for their compassionate treatment. Jo-Anne's work transcends borders and language barriers, igniting vital conversations about our relationship with animals. Media Contact: About Artists & Activists for Animal Rights: Artists & Activists for Animal Rights is a vibrant community of creative individuals dedicated to advocating for the ethical treatment of animals through various artistic expressions including art, music, poetry, photography and film. Through a diverse range of art forms, the platform seeks to raise awareness, inspire change, and foster compassion for animals in all walks of life.



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