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Artists & Activists for Animal Rights Features Helen Barker's Turkeys from the series 'Wallpaper'


Austin, Texas – Artists & Activists for Animal Rights proudly features a captivating exhibition featuring the work of renowned artist Helen Barker. This spotlight is on her piece, 'Turkeys.'

Helen Barker, a lifelong creative and dedicated vegan since 1996, has been using her artistic talents to advocate for animals since 2016. Her diverse artistic portfolio includes collage, acrylic paint, and ink on canvas, and she hails from Essex, UK. Barker's work evokes empathy for the sentience of these individuals.

"The more people spend time with Turkeys, the more they are able to recognise them as individuals with unique presonalities, emotions, and preferences."

About Artists & Activists for Animal Rights: Artists & Activists for Animal Rights is a dynamic platform dedicated to showcasing the work of artists who leverage their creativity as a powerful tool for animal advocacy. The organization believes that art has the potential to transcend barriers, evoke emotions, and ignite conversations that lead to positive change.

AAAR's online gallery is an opportunity for art enthusiasts, animal rights activists, and the general public to engage with Helen Barker's impactful art and reflect on the broader societal implications of our relationship with animals.

To learn more about Helen Barker and her artwork, please visit her website at Connect with Helen Barker on social media through Facebook at and on Instagram at



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