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Artists & Activists for Animal Rights Gallery introduces "Who's for Dinner?"

[AUSTIN, TEXAS] – The Artists & Activists for Animal Rights Gallery proudly introduces "Who's for Dinner?" – a compelling mixed media artwork by acclaimed artist Karen Fiorito. Including 10" plates and completed in 2018, "Who's for Dinner?" challenges viewers to contemplate the ethics and implications of animal consumption. With an inventive blend of mediums, Karen Fiorito stimulates conversations about the impact of our choices on animals and their rights.

Hailing from Escondido, California, Karen Fiorito's commitment to activism and artistry has garnered international recognition. Her artwork has been showcased in renowned publications including Art in America, Hyperallergic, Art Forum, and ArtNews. Her profound contributions have been featured in influential books such as "American Women Artists in Wartime" and "Paper Politics: Socially Engaged Printmaking Today." As a curator and advocate, Karen Fiorito's artistic endeavors extend beyond her own work. She has received grants from prestigious institutions like Change, Inc., the Puffin Foundation, and LUSH Cosmetics, enabling her to contribute to impactful public art projects. Her exhibitions, such as "Indivisible: United We Stand, Divided We Fall" (2020), underline her dedication to creating awareness and fostering change through art. "Who's for Dinner?" is a significant addition to the Artists & Activists for Animal Rights Gallery, reflecting our commitment to using art as a catalyst for compassionate conversations. For more information about Karen Fiorito's impactful artwork and her artistic journey, please visit her website: Stay connected with Karen Fiorito: Instagram: @karenfiorito Facebook:


About Artists & Activists for Animal Rights Artists & Activists for Animal Rights is a dynamic and passionate community of individuals who harness the power of creative expression to champion the ethical treatment of animals. Encompassing a diverse array of talents including visual arts, music, literature, film, and more, our collective endeavors are united by a shared commitment to raising awareness about the plight of animals in various industries. With a resolute belief in the transformative potential of art, we strive to amplify the voices of animals through our creations, ignite conversations, and inspire meaningful change. Our collaborative efforts reflect a deep empathy for all sentient beings and a dedication to fostering a world that upholds compassion, respect, and justice for animals. Join us as we bridge the gap between creativity and activism, using art as a catalyst for driving positive transformation in the way society perceives and treats our fellow creatures. Contact: Sylvie Abate


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