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Artists & Activists for Animal Rights Features Ruth Killoran's "Speciesism Kills"

Medium: Watercolour, Graphite, Coloured Pencil

Austin, Texas– Artists & Activists for Animal Rights is proud to feature the thought-provoking artwork, "Speciesism Kills" by Ruth Killoran. Through the mediums of watercolour, graphite, and coloured pencil, Killoran explores the profound impact of speciesism on the lives of animals and the urgent need for a paradigm shift in human perspective.

What is Speciesism?

"Speciesism" is the deeply ingrained belief that places humans above all other animal species, considering them as inferior beings. Ruth Killoran's "Speciesism Kills" delves into this discriminatory mindset, exposing the consequences of treating animals as mere commodities, objects, or ingredients. The exhibition challenges viewers to question the pervasive biases that lead to the exploitation and suffering of countless living beings.

Speciesist thinking often manifests in drawing artificial distinctions between different animal species based on their perceived utility to humans. Killoran highlights the inconsistency in how humans treat animals, juxtaposing the care given to pets with the callous exploitation of farm and captive animals. The exhibition confronts the viewer with the stark reality of speciesism and its far-reaching consequences on billions of sentient beings.

About Ruth Killoran

Ruth Killoran is an artist whose creations are driven by powerful human emotions and a deep sense of interconnectedness. Her work, characterized by watercolour, graphite, and coloured pencil, emanates from a place of love and compassion. Killoran's art serves as a visual communication of the turmoil she experiences when witnessing human behavior and choices that impact the environment and other species negatively.

With a spontaneous and experimental approach, Killoran allows her subconscious to guide the creative process. Her work invites viewers to reflect on fundamental questions about living in harmony, treating others with respect, and making personal choices that contribute to positive change.

About Artists & Activists for Animal Rights

Artists & Activists for Animal Rights utilizes art, photography, music, poetry, and film as catalysts for change, weaving them into a tapestry that envisions a world filled with compassion for every living being.

For more information about the "Speciesism Kills" exhibition or Artists & Activists for Animal Rights, please visit

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