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Artists & Activists for Animal Rights Features Helen Barker's "Love This"

[Austin, Texas] – Artists & Activists for Animal Rights is thrilled to showcase the powerful and evocative artwork of Helen Barker in the exhibition titled "Love This" in their online Animal Rights Art Gallery. This poignant piece, created using acrylic inks with collaged text, is a visual representation inspired by Gretchen Primack's thought-provoking poem.

About "Love This"

"Love This" delves into the exploitation of farmed animals worldwide, specifically focusing on the reproductive systems of female cows within the dairy industry. Helen Barker draws attention to the stark reality of the commodification and oppression these animals endure, challenging the deceptive imagery associated with the dairy industry. The artwork highlights the unseen suffering behind the misleading marketing of "happy" or "humane" dairy, bringing to light the short lives of violence experienced by cows, their calves, and bulls.

All the depicted cows and calves in "Love This" were real beings, referenced from photographs, and have tragically met premature deaths in the pursuit of dairy production. Barker's art serves as a visual protest against the speciesist views embedded in our relationship with animals and aims to spark a dialogue on the unjust mindset that considers non-human animals as 'less' than human animals.

Artist Biography: Helen Barker, a lifelong creative and vegan since 1996, has been actively using art as a form of activism since 2016. Through illustration, painting, sculpture, and writing, Barker strives to open up conversations about speciesism and challenge ingrained societal perspectives. Her works often expose the unjust mindset that perpetuates the belief that other animals are inferior.

Deeply committed to understanding social justice issues as interconnected under the oppressive forces of capitalism, Barker sees solidarity between justice movements as crucial for the liberation of all beings. Her art serves as a tool for awakening consciousness and fostering dialogue.

Artist Website:

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About Artists & Activists for Animal Rights

Artists & Activists for Animal Rights is a collective that harnesses the power of art, photography, music, poetry, and film to drive positive change. With a mission to challenge societal norms and reshape perceptions of animals, the group creates a tapestry of awareness, envisioning a world filled with compassion for every living being.

Through creative endeavors, the collective aims to build a future where humanity, animals, and the Earth coexist harmoniously. By nurturing understanding and inspiring action, Artists & Activists for Animal Rights aspires to leave behind a legacy of transformation, fostering a world resonating with kindness, empathy, and hope.



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