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Austin, Texas Record Label Champions Animal Rights Music FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Heart Break Like Mine by Sylvie's Songs Featuring Bryon Harris

(Austin, Texas by Artists & Activists for Animal Rights) — Artists & Activists for Animal Rights (AAAR) proudly announces the launch of Artists & Activists Records, a groundbreaking animal rights record label based in Austin, Texas. The label's mission is to harness the emotive power of music to raise awareness about factory farming and advocate for animal rights.

The label's first single, "Heart Break Like Mine," is set for worldwide digital release on August 15, 2024. Written by Sylvie's Songs, also known as Sylvie Abate, and featuring Bryon Harris, this heartfelt ballad asks listeners to consider the suffering of animals on factory farms. The song will be accompanied by a lyric video that vividly contrasts factory farms and animal sanctuaries.

About the Single:

  • Title: "Heart Break Like Mine"

  • Release Date: August 15, 2024

  • Artist: Sylvie's Songs (Sylvie Abate), featuring Bryon Harris

  • Description: A moving ballad that encourages listeners to reflect on the pain and suffering experienced by animals in factory farms.

About Sylvie Abate

Sylvie Abate, Founder of Artists & Activists Records in Austin, Texas

Sylvie Abate, the visionary founder of Artists & Activists for Animal Rights, is celebrated as a two-time Global Music Awards Gold and Silver Medal Winner (2022 & 2019) for Best Lyrics, Best Songwriter, and Best Alt Folk Song. A versatile musician, Abate excels as a songwriter, arranger, and producer, drawing inspiration from Americana, blues, classical, folk, and country genres. Proficient in classical guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, bass, and banjo, she showcases her musical prowess across diverse instruments. Beyond her contributions to AAAR, Abate serves as a Regional Coordinator for Connect with Animals and was instrumental in launching Austin's inaugural National Animal Rights Day. A graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, she currently resides in Austin, Texas.

Bryon Harris, Featured Vocalist on "Heart Break Like Mine"

Bryon Harris Vegan singer Bryon Harris takes center stage with in the label's debut single, "Heart Break Like Mine." With a distinguished career spanning operatic performances in the United States and Italy, Harris honed his vocal talents under the tutelage of renowned coaches such as Kathryn Lewek of The Metropolitan Opera. His formal training includes prestigious institutions like Yale University Opera Theater, The International Lyric Academy of Italy, The Boston Conservatory and The Longy School of Music. Based in Austin, Texas, Harris is not only a versatile vocalist but also the owner of BWH Studio, host of the Indie-Talk Podcast, and serves as the Executive Director of the We Are The Music Makers (W.A.M.) Awards.

About AAAR: Artists & Activists for Animal Rights is a dynamic platform that harnesses the power of creativity and activism to shed light on the plight of animals trapped in the cruelty of factory farming.

Key Features of AAAR:

  • Artists & Activists Records: Artists & Activists Records (AAAR) is a pioneering record label based in Austin, Texas, dedicated to using music as a powerful tool for change. Focused on championing animal rights and opposing factory farming, AAAR collaborates with artists who share a passion for creating impactful music that raises awareness and inspires action. The label's first single, "Heart Break Like Mine" is slotted for worldwide distribution on August 1, 2024.

  • Online Animal Rights Art Gallery: The AAAR platform showcases captivating online art galleries featuring thought-provoking works that highlight the suffering of animals in factory farming. Through visual art, AAAR invites visitors to immerse themselves in visual narratives that evoke empathy and understanding.

  • Empowerment Resources: The platform offers a comprehensive range of resources, including practical tips, guidance, and information on the benefits of a plant-based diet and vegan practices. AAAR is committed to empowering individuals to transition to a cruelty-free lifestyle, contributing to a more sustainable and compassionate future.

Artists & Activists for Animal Rights

About Artists & Activists for Animal Rights: Artists & Activists for Animal Rights (AAAR) is a pioneering organization dedicated to advocating for animal liberation and ending factory farming through the power of art and music. Based in Austin, Texas, AAAR harnesses the talents of artists and activists to promote a compassionate and ethical treatment of animals worldwide.

For more information about Artists & Activists for Animal Rights, the upcoming single "Heart Break Like Mine," and how you can get involved, please visit

Media Contact: Sylvie Abate, Founder, Artists & Activists for Animal Rights



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