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Artist Kate Louise Powell's Powerful Illustration - '250 Eyes Per Second'

[Glasgow, Scotland - July 3, 2023] - Artists & Activists for Animal Rights (AAAR) proudly announces the addition of Kate Louise Powell's thought-provoking artwork, "250 Eyes Per Second," to their esteemed Animal Activist Art Gallery. Powell's remarkable piece sheds light on the staggering number of animals killed every second in the UK for the sake of animal products.

"250 Eyes Per Second" is a captivating composition created using the eyes of 250 animals. Each animal was individually photographed by a vegan photographer outside UK slaughterhouses, with Powell utilizing these photographs as references. The artwork symbolizes the alarming reality of 15,000 animals being needlessly killed every minute in the UK, approximately 250 lives lost every second.

Powell, an illustrator and passionate animal rights activist, hails from Halifax, West Yorkshire, and currently resides in Glasgow. Her artistic journey began in 2012, and she has since honed her skills in pencil/colored pencil and black ink, capturing the emotive and thought-provoking essence of her work.

Recognizing the power of art to advocate for animals, Powell's illustrations aim to shed light on specific acts of animal abuse and challenge society's treatment of non-human animals. Her dedication and commitment have earned her accolades, including a Distinction grade in her Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at Leeds College of Art, followed by a First-Class Honors degree in Illustration from Edinburgh College of Art.

"We are thrilled to welcome Kate Louise Powell's powerful artwork, '250 Eyes Per Second,' to our Animal Activist Art Gallery," said Sylvie Abate, President and Founder of Artists & Activists for Animal Rights. "Powell's emotive illustrations compel us to confront the harsh realities animals face and spark important conversations about our treatment of non-human animals. We believe her work will inspire our community and society at large to take action towards a more compassionate and just world."

The addition of "250 Eyes Per Second" to the Animal Activist Art Gallery highlights AAAR's commitment to using art as a catalyst for change. Powell's thought-provoking artwork serves as a testament to the power of artistic expression in promoting awareness, empathy, and positive action. About Artists & Activists for Animal Rights Artists and Activists for Animal Rights is a vibrant and passionate community dedicated to advocating for the ethical treatment of animals. Comprised of painters, musicians, poets, filmmakers, and more, we share a common goal of raising awareness about the plight of animals and promoting a more compassionate and sustainable world. Through various art forms including painting, photography, music, poetry, and film, we challenge societal perceptions and values towards farm animals, aiming to inspire empathy and action. Our work aims to educate about the origins of food, cultivate empathy, and encourage conscious food choices, while also exposing the inhumane practices of the agricultural industry. We are committed to supporting complete animal liberation and striving for a healthier and more sustainable world for all living beings.



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