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Animal Rights Art Gallery Adds Asif Reza Haque's " "Why This Cruelty on Me?"

[Austin, Texas] - Artists & Activists for Animal Rights is delighted to announce the newest addition to their esteemed animal rights arts gallery: "Why This Cruelty on Me?" by painter Asif Reza Haque. The thought-provoking oil-on-canvas artwork, originating from the talented hands of Dhaka, Bangladesh-based artist Asif Reza Haque, showcases a powerful message that resonates with the organization's mission of advocating for animal liberation and protection. Asif Reza Haque's painting style is a testament to his self-taught talent and his ability to evoke emotions through visual storytelling. "Why This Cruelty on Me?" invites viewers to contemplate the impact of cruelty on innocent animals. Through his skillful use of short, visible, thick, and bold brushstrokes, Asif brings to life a poignant narrative that highlights the universal need for love, peace, and unity, transcending cultural and ethnic boundaries.

"Artists & Activists for Animal Rights is thrilled to include Asif Reza Haque's masterpiece in our animal rights arts gallery," said Sylvie Abate, Founder of the organization. "We believe that art has the power to inspire change and foster awareness about the pressing issues faced by animals worldwide. Asif's artwork speaks volumes and aligns perfectly with our mission to promote compassion, respect, and protection for all living beings." About Asif Reza Haque: Asif Reza Haque is a highly talented and globally recognized artist based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Growing up in diverse cultural environments, Asif developed a profound appreciation for love's unifying force, regardless of cultural differences. He channels this perspective into his artwork, using oil paintings as his medium to convey messages of love, peace, and harmony. Asif's unique painting technique and emotional depth in storytelling have earned him accolades from art enthusiasts and critics alike. To explore more of Asif Reza Haque's captivating creations, follow him on Instagram (@colorsnbrushstrokes) and Facebook (@arien.ocean). About Artists & Activists for Animal Rights: Artists & Activists for Animal Rights is a dedicated platform that brings together artists from various disciplines to use their talents in raising awareness about animal rights issues. The organization aims to inspire social change, encourage compassion towards animals, and foster a more harmonious relationship between humans and the animal kingdom. Through art exhibitions, workshops, and advocacy campaigns, Artists & Activists for Animal Rights strives to create a world where all beings are treated with kindness and respect. For media inquiries, interviews, or further information about Asif Reza Haque's "Why This Cruelty on Me?" exhibition at Artists & Activists for Animal Rights, please visit AAAR's website.



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